Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dear Aunt Kate

Dear Kate,

Thank you for the i-tunes giftcard and the slippers that almost fit me and fit Benny. Love Joe

Okay, let's spot the subtle message here. The slippers I knit for my nephew's birthday don't fit. I'm back to square 1 on the slipper knitting. I'm thinking that I will knit the slippers and leave it to Joe and his mom to do the actual felting. That was they will be able to felt them to the perfect size.

Luckily I always have feltable yarn in the stash.Here it is, in the box labeled "Full Skeins Feltable Wool". This is not to be confused with the bin labeled "Left Over Feltable Wool" or the "Noro" bin. When knitting frustrates me or I'm pressed for time or generally feeling harried, I always seem to fall back on knitting felted accessories.


Chris said...

Bummer! Well, at least they fit someone, right?

Lisa said...

We all need our comfort knitting sometimes. Mine usually involves socks. Relaxing, no-brainer knitting...ahhh.
I think it is a good idea to let your nephew and his mom felt the next pair of slippers. I made some slippers for a secret pal and let her felt them herself. She loves them and they fit her perfectly. Plus if they have never seen the wonder of felting, it will be fun for them too!

Guinifer said...

That is a pretty cute thank you note. That stash box is pretty small - if you make some more slippers, you may be able to combine them!!

Carrie said...

Major bummer! I just went through this with my niece and her Christmas slippers.

sydney said...

Oh bummer. I like the idea of letting Joe and his mom felt them. But hey, at least they fit Benny.

Sheepish Annie said... grow don't they? Unless the slippers are too small and then we have something of an issue. But felting is fun, right?

Woman who knits said...

That's a really sweet note!! I'm so sorry they don't fit!!! Good luck with pair #2!