Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So much to say and none of it knitting

Yes, I'm knitting, I'm knitting like a fiend! I'm working on a ski sweater for my son, a sweater for my niece, and planning mittens for practically everyone. I've solved my "I hate knitting sleeves" (honest to God, you finish one and you have to do another EXACTLY the same) thing by knitting sleeveless stuff.

So in my last (long ago) entry, I told you about the great time we had with my family at the reunion. Notice how many of the women jumped on the comment bandwagon to note that they are not the planner?

After sending visiting relatives on their way, we settled in to enjoy our time off. You don't have to leave home to enjoy vacation! Here are some of the ways we enjoyed our time as a family:
  1. Waiting for the Best Buy repairman to come fix my husband's giant t.v. He subscribes to the MLB channels so that he can watch aproximately 7 gazillion baseball games a week in high def.
  2. Listening to my husband whine about being unable to watch 7 gazillion baseball games on his 52" t.v. because the Best Buy guy can't get here until Friday.
  3. After the temp spikes into the 90s we all stand over the air conditioning vents and agree, "nope that's just plain air, not cold air".
  4. Wait for the air conditioner repairman to come out. He was early, told us that rabbits had chewed through the wiring (yeah Maxine is quite the rabbit hunter), and hurried away because his family was spending their summer vacation in the Dells.
  5. Play nine holes of golf one everning as a family.
  6. Husband falls in a hole on the seventh tee box, twists his ankle and can't finish. 14-year old accuses father of "faking it" because he was losing.
  7. Husband has a torn something or other and is still in the air cast three weeks later.
  8. Husband whines about how hard it is to be laid up with an injured ankle and no giant t.v.
  9. Best Buy guy arrives to fix t.v. I barely refrain from kissing him on the lips I am so glad to see him. He is the only thing that can stop the whining.

See, you can have plenty of good wholesome family fun on vacation at home. Or try the Dells.


Chris said...

Dang, after that much fun - you can crash here for a few days. I'm sure I have some tequila in the cupboard.

sydney said...

With that kind of fun, who needs a vacation.

Beth said...

Wow! You need a break!

Anonymous said...

I ususally schedule at least one week of my 2 week vacation ALONE! Better still if I get both weeks alone :)

Ellen said...

I personally try to schedule a little "alone" time by sending everyone off to work, art camp or sports camp. Other than the driving rush, the rest of the week was Heaven! You would not believe the amount of work I got done.

So, is the bunny-wire-no airconditioning fixed as well?

Mia said...

52" high def??? Can I come over? *grin*

Senja said...

Sounds an awful lot like my life :)